Calm your mind….Live your life!

Sharron Miller Coaching

Calm your mind….Live your life!

1-1 Coaching

How Does Coaching work?

I always start with a free, no obligation 20 minute consultation which can be done via Skype or telephone.  During this call we can discuss why you are looking for coaching and what it is you would like to achieve, answering any questions you may have.  I will explain what I can offer you and also what will be expected of you.

If you are ….

  • Committed in moving forward
  • Ready to make important changes
  • Wanting to increase your wellbeing
  • Ready to engage a new mind set
  • Ready to learn new ways to experience

Then book your no obligation call today.

n.b I do not diagnose any condition nor claim to do so and any service that I offer is not intended in any way to replace medical advice or treatment.

Who I Work With

I only work with individuals who are fully committed to effecting the necessary changes.  I am passionate about giving people the tools they require to empower themselves and live life to it’s best.  By using this approach, individuals become stronger, more confident and self-assured, enabling them to reach their full potential.


1-1 Coaching sessions are offered either in person or they can be carried out via Skype.  Due to the time restraints for some individuals, or the inability to travel, this is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Please see clinics and fees for details on costs.