Calm your mind….Live your life!

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Calm your mind….Live your life!

Meditation Coaching

Meditation is know widely known for its huge benefits, both on mind and body. One of the best stress busters around when practised regularly, it can be used by absolutely anyone regardless of age, sex, religion, lifestyle etc…. Meditation has many different meanings and explanations. “Madha” the Sanskrit word means wisdom, “Meditor” which is Latin for, to think and contemplate. These are just a couple of translations but on the whole, they all lead to the quietening and focusing of the mind.  The modern science now available explains how the ancient practice of Meditation produces so many changes at both a physical and emotional level.  There is a great documentary titled ‘The Connection’  which can help you gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the Mind-Body connection. There are many field professionals explaining how Meditation produces the Relaxation Response and why this is vital in maintain good health.  If you are interested in watching this documentary it can be found here :

There are many different types of Meditation practices (too many to list!) and it can be baffling just knowing where to start with which one!  Here are examples of some of the types I use in both individual plans and classes or workshops.

Guided Meditation is like a journey, where you are guided along to each step.  This type of meditation can have many benefits from physical to emotional ones and is a great pathway into the more “tricky” types of meditation as it very often crosses over multiple techniques. This can be very useful when exploring inner child work or accessing our more creative side.

Mind Calm / Body Calm is the modern day Meditation technique that helps you gain Peace with Mind and Body.  It can be practiced at many times throughout the day and can lead to building up to a set amount of time each day.  If you’ve tried Meditation before and just never really got it…Mind Calm/Body Calm is for you.

Mindfulness is quite a hot topic at present but the main aim of practising is to  earn to observe our thoughts non judgementally.  Sounds hard I hear you say but it really isn’t!


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Meditation is something that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle, as to achieve the many benefits long term, regular practice is a must.  It is a totally relaxing practice that can be taught on a one to one basis, either on its own or to complement other therapies or through my small group classes. You can be assured that you will learn how to meditate effectively with my modern down to earth approach helping you to find your inner calm without the need for chanting, funny positions or jargon!