Calm your mind….Live your life!

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Calm your mind….Live your life!

My Story

Buddha hands holding flowerFrom a very small child, I was always fascinated by the things no one seemed to have an answer for.  “Just because…”  “that’s life…” or  ” Because that’s how it is…”  were the common answers I used to get to my seemingly inconvenient questions which led me to always be looking for the “but why?”  I grew up in a far from perfect family situation and was the black sheep of the family because I was so different.  The only person that understood me was my Dad and to him I have a great deal to be grateful for.   In order to deal with the “stuff”,  I developed the ability to meditate quite early on and it was during my quiet times that some of my most profound moments came.  I learnt the power of stillness, calm amongst chaos but also an idea that these strengths meant I was invincible.  How wrong I was!

By the time I was in my mid to late teens, my real problems began and my days of quiet contemplation were over.  I had witnessed and encountered things that were not in the least pleasant and unbeknown to me, all these situations were taking their toll and indirectly responsible for me being the way I was.  At an extremely low point, I had one of those by chance meetings with a complete stranger who made me realise I needed help.  I sought out various types of “therapy” to try and help with my issues but I always left feeling worse, angrier and more resentful about my past, so after many sessions I ended it.  By this time the spark in me from my early years had started to reignite and so I left my old life behind to try and understand myself once more.

This wasn’t plain sailing and there were many up and downs and highs and lows along the way,  but what I did find was that I was almost being pushed in this direction to make me see “this” and then pushed in another direction to make me do “that”. I attended many workshops and self development classes, reading everything I could to try and make more sense of what was happening, I even started to meditate again but found I couldn’t experience that that I had as a child.  My questions just led to more and more questions which I couldn’t find the answers to so I decided to give it up as a bad job. 

By this time I was in my early twenties and had a very good career and business in the Beauty Industry.  I met my now husband and life was good, rarely giving thought to my past at all.  Each and every day, clients came in and out with various problems and stories and slowly I began to see patterns emerging.  Not only that, but when I was working very closely with some clients, it was as if I was reading a book on them or watching a slideshow of stuff that was going on.  Intrigued by this, I started to research the possible reasons but all I came up with was the usual physic stuff which didn’t sit well with me at all.  It was only when I was on an advanced training course that I was fortunate enough to be learning eastern massage techniques by someone of eastern descent.  It was during this time that she opened up the world of energy to me and that was it, I was hooked.

After many training courses and workshops, everything started to click into place and I finally felt like I had most of my why’s answered, understanding from a deeper point of view how past situations and experiences can affect our day to day life and learning techniques to help with this.  I researched and continued to learn to about energy and its effects and how it all fits together but never fully integrated it into my life, just aware of it and understanding the “coincidences” more readily.  Then bam….I became seriously ill…..again.

During this period of illness I came to the decision that everything I knew could not continue to just be a conceptual thing but that I had to start living it fully, integrating it into every aspect of my life.  Once I had recovered, my life took a different direction and I started receiving clients for Reiki or Meditation that had all sorts of problems and issues.  Over a period of time I realised the majority of these clients made great progress quickly, but that came from a combination of the Reiki/Meditation and an element of me discussing my journey with them and so coaching them in theirs.  Trying to this without sounding tree-huggy was my most difficult challenge to date!

I then decided to gain a deeper understanding of both how the mind works and the mind-body connection in order to use it more mainstream.  Not being particularly academic and having a very spiritual, holistic personality meant that finding a suitable course was a tad tricky!  I wanted something all encompassing, effective and easy to implement…the Holy Grail I was told…Good Luck I was wished…..but through my determination I found exactly what I was looking for. After more hard work on myself, I gained the rest of the answers to my questions and fully understood the importance of determining and dealing with the root cause.

“Thank goodness I’m at the end”  I hear you saying!  Well the reason for my story is for people to understand I have been there and come through the other end.  I have seen many practitioners over the years that really have no idea what it is like to feel completely desperate and alone, so ill you want it all to end or really don’t know which way to turn for the best.

So I shall end with one of my favourite sayings…..

“to talk the talk” you gotta “walk the walk”


With infinite Love Light and Laughter




Sharron with Sandy Newbigging – Creator of Mind and Body Calm